The various forms of Yoga are ancient spiritual practices that unite the mind and body to divinity.   The turn of the century brought with it a group of Yogis and Gurus that deposited an imprint into Western Society that has evolved into a mainstream culture of physical exercise and mental discipline.  It has become a way of life here in the west and has helped countless people heal from stress related dis-ease.


As Yoga practitioners, we understand the individual and collective needs of the culture. Our goal is to service the Yoga community by providing durable and affordable yoga products that address the needs of growing practitioners worldwide.  We also see a need to address the trends that surround the yoga community by providing the latest in fashion and designs.  Just as a parent and child mature together, we intend to grow with the evolution of yoga in mainstream society.  We welcome you to join us as we travel the path towards a new world of balance and bliss!