Meditate to Faith Hunter's New Album to Align Your Chakras for 2018

Faith Hunter says music is a powerful tool to amplify meditation practice. Let her soothing sounds guide you through holiday stress and new year intention setting.

Need help turning down all the random thoughts (both positive and negative) generated by your brain during meditation? Yoga teacher and studio owner Faith Hunter's new Chakra Healing meditation album may make it easier to drop into meditation practice. "On a personal level, music serves as a center point of focus and helps me to steady the breath when I’m feeling anxious," Hunter says. "Once I’m focused and the breath is steady, the thoughts slow down, and the mind settles." 

Plus, Hunter says each of the chakras is associated with a particular sound vibration, which she incorporated into the tracks she created with DJ Taz Rashid. Adding sound frequency to your meditation practice can elicit a heightened sensation of healing in both body and mind. "Each track is designed to serve as a ritual for nourishing the physical and emotional bodies," she says. "For example, Track 3, Empowerment (Solar Plexus/3 Chakra/Manipura), is a meditation of transforming energy in a positive manner that regulates the digestive system, while also giving you the strength to face challenges and move forward in your life."

Just in time for holiday season stress, "this album provides an opportunity for the meditator to stay emotionally grounded, and it cultivates inner strength by soothing the heart and mind," Hunter says. Use it in your meditation practice during the height of this hectic season and leading up to the new year—a great time to outline your desires, intentions, and priorities, Hunter says. This practice can guide you toward deeper personal connection, enabling you to greet 2018 with purpose.

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Faith Hunter's Chakra-Healing Meditation Playlist

1. "Introduction"
2. "Groundation (Root) [Muladhara Chakra]"
3. "Fluidity (Sacral) [Svadhisthana Chakra]"
4. "Empowerment (Solar Plexus) [Manipura Chakra]"
5. "Love (Heart) [Anahata Chakra]"
6. "Communication (Throat) [Vishuddha Chakra]"
7. "Perception (Third Eye) [Ajna Chakra]"
8. "Illuminated (Crown) [Sahasrara Chakra]"
9. "Soul Shining (Root to Crown)"

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Faith Hunter is a YJ contributor, yoga and meditation teacher, owner of Embrace Yoga DC, lifestyle writer/blogger, and trains yoga teachers around the world. She blends Classic yogic principles and real-world personal experiences into an integrated life practice rooted in aligning to your highest self. You can find more about her at

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