A Healing Meditation for Caregivers of Wounded Warriors (It Only Takes 5 Minutes!)

You don't have to neglect yourself to care for the person you love. Take a few moments to get back into your body, breath, and mind with this practice.

Wounded warriors have their own heroes at home. There are 5.5 million caregivers looking after a former or current U.S. military member, according to a 2014 RAND study, which also found that 17% of them reported spending more than 40 hours per week providing care. In honor of Memorial Day and Mental Health Awareness month, Yoga Journal is kicking off this series, which features the unique experiences of caregivers finding—and sharing—well-being through yoga.

Pamela Stokes Eggleston lost herself when caring for her husband, a U.S Army veteran and Purple Heart and Bronze Star recipient. Now, she’s on a mission to teach other caregivers the yogic practices that helped her find her soul again. Inspired to take some time for yourself? Start here, with Pamela's 5-minute meditation to drop into your mind, body, and breath.

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